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Thursday, April 28, 2005


God's promises are like stars

God’s promises are like stars. The darker the night, the brighter they shine.

Thursday, April 21, 2005


foodforthesoul week 169

foodforthesoul WEEK 169

amen I say to you
beware and be cautious
for you know not
the day nor the hour

matthew 25:12-13

dear inquirer editor,

i wish to clarify my position
in your article of april 15
an intensity 9 earthquake prediction
was attributed to me through a text message

in all my interviews and talks
i never mentioned the words ' intensity 9'
someone somewhere inserted this information
in the frenzy of emails and text messages
this tends to dilute the essence
of the message i wish to convey to all

there were two opposite reactions to the situation
one was anger that panic was caused by a false alarm
the other was prayers of thanks to the Lord
that He did not let His hand fall this time
there were many prayer vigils before april 14

i stand by that message,
excluding whatever details others have added
that what the Lord is trying to tell us is so simple


the essence of the prophecy is this -
a series of massive earthquakes may hit the philippines
no specific date, no specific intensity
sometime from 2005 to 2006 to 2010
this is in tune with the recently revealed
third secret of fatima
it may happen now, tomorrow, later
or never happen at all if we change our ways
i do not wish to cause panic
only to reveal what i believe is the message
of the Lord to the world
i stand by as His messenger in total surrender to His will

the Lord sometimes resorts to the fear factor
when He is desperate for our love
other times, He resorts to the love factor
His mercy precedes His wrath
it is never too late today for us to avert His hand
with our prayers and our hearts

it is unfortunate that the panic of april 13-14
due to details added to the original message
has done nothing but make people ignore future warnings
until perhaps it is too late

sister raquel reodica, RVM

the most powerful kings shall gather in the battlefield
of armageddon to lay havoc the earth
fire and darkness shall usher in the angel of death
there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth
those who survive would wish they were dead
as the wrath of the Lord is upon a sinful earth
and man's only recourse is to return to Him

apocalypse / eastwind


Monday, April 18, 2005


Feuerbach's heresy

"God is made in the image of man."


Two essential things

"There are only two things worth praying for in this life: One is happiness (not in the epicurean sense). The other is health."

Fr. Pascal

Thursday, April 14, 2005


food for the soul week 167

foodforthesoul WEEK 167

when i touch people
i sometimes feel a spark in my hand
and jerk it in reflex
normally a sign of healing

there was a time
electric bulbs in the entire house
blinked until the fuse broke
plunging us into darkness

i often wonder what it takes
to be a bridge to the power
of the God of fire
Who is out to cleanse not just your body

but more important your soul

sr raquel reodica, RVM [x1102]

time and day specific prophecies
may not be accurate
earthquakes may or may not come
today tomorrow next year
just pray hard for the reparation of sins
and conversion of sinners, that is all
and go on with life, nothing else
only our prayers can avert cataclysms
if you are in the Lord, there will be no fear

eastwind [x1105]

will a mother be without tenderness
for the child who came from her womb?
I will never forget you
I have written your name on the palm of My hand
I hasten to rebuild your home to protect you
from those who tear it down

isaiah 49:15-17 [x1]

your eyes, ears, and voice
are the windows of your soul
if you become a deaf-mute-blind
your soul will invent new windows

like touch and smell windows
and if these vanish
your soul will employ its pure psyche
to communicate with the outside world

for a window-less soul
will wither and die quickly
the energy of your soul
is limitless and irrepressible

your soul is in itself one big window
to the universe it perceives
and becomes one with
in total darkness it will emit its own light

if all the windows are closed
your soul will explode into a nova
that will light the entire galaxy
a light so contagious and mesmerizing

if only you know the power of your soul
and how to harness its awesome energy
you can be anywhere instantly
at just the thought of it

you will transcend
the limits of your body
if you discover the inner secrets
of your immortal soul

eastwind [x1104]

Monday, April 11, 2005


The Bible in 50 words

God made
Adam bit
Noah arked
Abraham split
Joseph ruled
Jacob fooled
Bush talked
Moses balked
Pharaoh plagued
People walked
Sea divided
Tablets guided
Promise landed
Saul freaked
David peeked
Prophets warned
Jesus born
God Walked
Love talked
Anger crucified
Hope died
Love rose
Spirit flamed
Word spread
God remained.

Thursday, April 07, 2005



Obstacles don't frighten a heart that has a firm faith because it knows well that God's love doesn't abandon those who trust in Him.

Monday, April 04, 2005



Friendship is like an onion which has many layers in it. It'll add taste to your life but if you try to cut it, you will have tears in your eyes.


Lenten diet

1. Eat your words.
2. Swallow your pride.
3. Digest God's teachings.
4. Eliminate your ego.
5. For dessert, indulge in prayer.

May you stay healthy and fit for life.


The miracle of friendship

The miracles in our lives are simply the making of a few loving friends who care much, love for real, and see us beyond ourselves.


Easter message

May the resurrection fill our hearts with so many grateful thoughts so that no room remains for worry and fear but only love and trust in Him.


God''s love is...

"constant, consistent, complete"


Journey to God starts with one small step at a time. He doens't expect you to run the mile but He promises to give you strength to go the distance.


If God brings you to it, God will bring you through it.

Friday, April 01, 2005


easter week food for the soul batch 166

LUMEN CHRISTI - light of Christ
easter week food for the soul BATCH 166


dear Jesus hold the waters
of the seas at bay
keep the faultlines steady
keep your people safe from harm
we pray in Your name
thru blessed Mary Your mother. amen

apology for bigger file

I am the Light of the world
he who follows Me
shall not walk in darkness
but shall have the Light of life
JOHN 8:12

and the Light glowed in the darkness
and the darkness could not overcome it
JOHN 1:8

the people who walked in darkness
have seen a radiant Light
upon those who dwelt in the land of gloom

the Lord is my Light and my salvation
whom should I fear?
He is my refuge
from whom should I flee?

I create Light and darkness
refuge and suffering
I the Lord do all these things

then shall the eyes
of the blind be opened

even as i walk in darkness
i fear no evil
for You o Lord are with me
PSALM 23:3

a great sign appeared in the sky
a woman clothed with the sun

if your heart is kind
you can see forever
you can see blinding Light

I bring you darkness
so you can seek My Light

if you look for yourself
you see total darkness
if you look for the other
you see blinding Light

[even as i flee from You]
i find to my wonder
every path leads to You

yet a little while the Light is among you
walk steadfast as you have the Light
so that darkness may not overtake you
believe in the Light that you may become
children of the Light
JOHN 12:35

at the core of the galaxy
is a super-black hole smaller than earth
yet it controls billions of stars around it
every tiny moon is in its grasp
a teaspoon of matter weighs
a thousand times that of our solar system
yet it is a mere shadow
of the Lord's power majesty and Light




by Bernardo V. Lopez

The predictions of an impending earthquake in the Philippines emanate
from two sources - scientific, and prophetic. Let us begin with the
The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHILVOLCS)
recently presented an earthquake scenario at the Asian Institute of
Management (AIM), based on a new study it conducted together with the Japan
International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the Metro-Manila Development
Authority (MMDA). In that scenario, the Marikina fault line would slip,
and there would be an earthquake near Metro-Manila of 7.2 on the
Richter Scale which would, by estimates, kill about 33,000 and injure another
100,000. Consequent fires would kill another 18,000. It would also
destroy 4,000 kilometers of water pipes and 30 kilometers of electric
cables, and 38 percent of buildings. A 'scenario', however, is more of an
educated guess based on existing data rather than an irrefutable
scientific prediction.
The PHILVOLCS-JICA-MMDA study states that the Philippines has not
experienced a major earthquake in ten years. The last three in the last 30
years include - Mindanao with 7.9 on the Richter Scale in 1976 which
triggered a tsunami killing 3,700; Baguio with 7.8 on the Richter Scale
in 1989 killing 1,200; and Mindoro with 7.1 on the Richter Scale in 1994
which killed 78.
The number of earthquakes world wide in the last few months alone hint
that the tectonic plates seem to be percolating on a planetary scale
and that they may all be inter-related in major global shifts. In the big
one in Australia, there were no casualties as the epicenter was in the
interior desert. This was followed by earthquakes in China, Iran, and
Turkey. Then the deadly tsunami in the Indian Ocean which killed about a
quarter of a million people came next. After that, a big earthquake in
Indonesia caused a post-tsunami panic. Iran had a second tremor
recently killing about 400. Perhaps as an omen of dire things to come, a mild
earthquake of 4.5 on the Richter Scale hit Metro-Manila at 4:45 am on
Thursday, February 10, 2005, which can be the precursor of a future
major earthquake. The latest as of this writing is a second in the Indian
Ocean on March 28, whose epicenter is a mere 167 kilometers from the
first deadly one.
Now let us talk of the prophetic. Sister Raquel Reodica, RVM, the
healing nun of Novaliches was approached by two claiming to be visionaries.
The first came three months before the tsunami event, and told her, "I
see ocean waters rising, rising, rising. Around 2004 to 2005, it will
hit many Asian countries and sow much destruction." Sister Raquel
announced this to the crowds during healing sessions, but it was mainly
ignored. It never reached the media.
The second claiming to be a visionary told Sister Raquel in December
2004 that a 'massive earthquake' will hit Metro-Manila and the
Philippines sometime between 2005 and 2010. She said that it would be a
'series', not just one. Part of Metro-Manila will slide to Manila Bay and
people will run to the mountains, hinting that these would also involved
tsunamis. This time it is not too late to get this to the media and to
warn people.
I asked Sister Raquel, what if these people were simply pretending to
be visionaries, and feeding wrong information. Would she not be an
agent of 'false prophets' which would be the devil's work? Sister Raquel
replied that about a dozen or so claiming to be visionaries have
approached her and given 'prophecies' since she received her healing powers in
1991. She takes these predictions with a grain of salt, but she gives
value to them only because, in the past, some of them have been
fulfilled, such as the tsunami prediction. She calls this attitude 'positive
indifference', which means - we are not sure about the predictions but we
consider the possibility that they are really a message and warning
from the Lord for us to do something about it, namely pray and return to
Him, which Sister Raquel says can avert cataclysms which have already
been prophecied.
She gives an example of Jonah in the second book of Kings of the Old
Testament. Jonah complained to the Lord that his prophecies to the
people of Nineveh were never fulfilled. As a result, the people scorned and
banished him. The Lord answered, in the words of Sister Raquel, "E
paano yon, nagbago na sila. Alangan namang ituloy Ko pa." (The people have
repented. Will I still give them punishment?). Sister adds that the
Lord's mercy overflows. One whisper of a prayer, the slightest move
towards Him, and He forgives the gravest of sins, a multitude of sins.
Sister says if indeed there is a massive earthquake prediction in the
Philippines, we can still avert it through prayers and a return to the
Lord. In her healing sessions, Sister asks the crowd to raise a hand
and point it the Philippine flag as they pray for the country, to spare
it from any cataclysm. The essence and purpose of prophecies are to give
a warning to induce prayer and repentance to avert punishment, not to
sow panic.
I asked Sister - what if the prediction is not true, was she willing
to be the Jonah that would be scorned and laughed at by the public? She
replied, "Ready akong mapahiya. (I am ready to be scorned.) I will not
be a Jonah. I will not complain. I surrender myself to the will of the
Lord. My attitude of positive indifference may make people change their
ways. The goal is to bring people back to the Lord.
Sister Raquel added that many in the media have interviewed her about
this prediction of a massive earthquake but none have come out to
publish or broadcast it. Perhaps they fear that such predictions are not so
credible and would only cause undue panic. Sister Raquel replied that
fear is a good way to make people pray. We have to take that risk, if we
are to avert punishment. Our prayers can still hold back the hand of
the Lord.
Sister cites the last chapter of the last book of the New Testament,
Revelations 22, where the Lord, preceded by His warrior angels, will
descend to earth and do battle with satan. At the healing center, the
statue of St. Michael the Archangel mysteriously fell from its perch,
perhaps an omen that St. Michael has arrived in preparation for the battle.
The prophecies of Revelations 22 are echoed by the third secret of
Fatima, which Pope Paul II recently revealed. Two popes before him did not
reveal it in fear of panic as the message was so grim. But perhaps Pope
John Paul II saw that, after the tsunami that killed about a quarter of
a million people, it is about time people are warned. The recent death
of Sister Lucia, the last surviving visionary at Fatima, can be viewed
as an omen of new global cataclysms. The third secret reveals that a
Man would be able to make a weapon that can destroy half of Mankind in
minutes, (nuclear missiles?). The message also revealed that those who
would survive would wish they were dead.
As of this writing, Pope John Paul II is ill and people look at his
impending death as another omen. He is devoted to Our Lady of Fatima,
having visited the site many times, and has talked to Sister Lucia. He
attributes his survival from sickness to Our Lady of Fatima.
The first and second messages of Fatima in 1917 predicted the end of
World War I, the advent of World War II, and the rise and fall of
Communism in Russia. The third predicted the attempted assassination of a
Pope (which occurred in 1981) and mentions many global cataclysms from
earthquakes to volcanic eruptions, to pestilence (SARS and AIDS perhaps?),
to a third world war.


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